The Positive Head Podcast | It's a Daily Conscious Effort to Maintain an Elevated Vibration | Feed Your Head Five Days a Week!

Consistently maintaining an elevated vibration should be the aim of every spiritual seeker. In an effort to help our listeners achieve that aim, every Wednesday, host Brandon Beachum interviews a different consciousness change-maker that is helping to pave the way for humanity as we collectively transition into a state of expanded consciousness and awareness. As a feature, he also gets them to share any fascinating stories of synchronicity or positive paranormal happenings that they have experienced. On the other weekdays, Brandon features clips from various spiritual teachers, gives interpretations of his favorite quotes, shares a bit of mind-expanding or mysterious news, and digs into mind-expansive topics that will help keep your soul fed on a regular basis. It's a daily conscious effort to keep a Positive Head and we're here to help you keep your consciousness elevated!
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The Positive Head Podcast | It's a Daily Conscious Effort to Maintain an Elevated Vibration | Feed Your Head Five Days a Week!



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Feb 18, 2017

Brandon reads a listener's review and comments regarding a personal transition period they experienced that was both difficult and enlightening, and he brings an array of quotes, references and a Bashar clip that helps put things in perspective concerning our fears and our desires for life.

Feb 17, 2017

Brandon "returns" to the podcast by resuming his daily recording sessions, and shares his excitement over rejoining this endeavor that serves as his own "daily conscious effort" as well as reaching a milestone within the production of the podcast.

Feb 16, 2017

Teal Swan is an internationally recognized spiritual leader and powerful voice in the field of Metaphysics. In this episode, Teal shares the harrowing story of her childhood and how her extrasensory abilities led her to become the target of an abusive cult, and how it ultimately led her to cultivate her own process of recovery and transformation. Teal and Brandon also discuss many other fascinating topics such as the inherent non-existence of material objects, twin flames, shadow work, and the shortcut to enlightenment.

Feb 15, 2017

Brandon finishes the book "The Power of Awareness" by Neville Goddard, the subject of the last few consecutive daily episodes, and continues to read real-life case histories as well as the advice given for dealing with failure in the application of these powerful creative principles.

Feb 14, 2017

Brandon continues to read from the "Power of Awareness" book, this time going into the real-life case histories the book offers as evidence of the practical application of the creation principles detailed in previous chapters, stories which include amazing displays of synchronicity and manifestation consistent with the aforementioned principles.

Feb 11, 2017

Brandon continues reading from the "Power of Awareness" book by Neville Goddard, this time commenting on its topics of righteousness, connected with the power of assumptions, as well as free will and persistence, all which help direct our creative energies to their utmost manifestation.

Feb 10, 2017

Brandon continues to read from the "Power of Awareness" book, this time reading from chapters 17 through 19 and bringing its subjects—recognition of both our personal limits and also the limitless nature of universal creation—back around full-circle into the overarching theme of conscious creative manifestation.

Feb 9, 2017

Taylor is the founder of the impact travel company Journey, as well as the social enterprise Change Heroes, which has funded over sixty school houses and libraries in nine countries around the world. In this episode, Taylor discusses his personal journey shifting from an entrepreneur driven by monetary success, to becoming a social entrepreneur, and why being of service is the key to happiness.

Feb 8, 2017

Brandon continues his reading of the influential book "The Power of Awareness", discussing its contents which tend to allude to our ability to consciously focus our attention, ultimately connected to our grandest understandings about our creative human nature.

Feb 7, 2017

On this episode Brandon continues to read from "The Power of Awareness" and its topics of renunciation, conscious creation and deliberate attention given to things wanted, as well as deliberate turning from unpleasant things without resistance, which are related to an expanded understanding of the true self and the creative process.

Feb 4, 2017

Brandon continues to read from the contemporary classic tome "The Power of Awareness" by Neville Goddard, reading from chapters four through seven and commenting on its topics of desire, attention and attitude, as well as circling back to subjects conveyed in previous chapters like the power of our assumptions or expectations, which together help give shape to our human creativity.

Feb 3, 2017

Brandon reads from the influential New Thought book "The Power of Awareness" by Neville Goddard, beginning in this episode with the first three chapters dealing with the essence of being, consciousness and the power of assumption as foundations for spiritual awareness and self-creation. 

Feb 2, 2017

Lillie Claire has worked as a hands on energy healer with EFT, Reiki and Access Bars for seven years. She is also a certified Primal Core Yoga, Tantra Teacher and Life Coach. In this episode, Lillie share her powerful personal story of healing, discusses Tantra techniques, how one can perform Tantra alone, and even delves into ghostly experiences.

Feb 1, 2017

Brandon presents synchronicity as the theme for this episode, quoting leading figures on the topic, reading stories of meaningful serendipity shared online and offering his own perspectives on this unique phenomenon, one that is hindered by rigid expectations about the way things should be.

Jan 31, 2017

Brandon is motivated by a listener's touching story of personal empowerment and creativity to inspire us all into the grandest expression of ourselves, and he plays clips of a speech by Jim Carrey that seek to evoke the same recognition of our limitless potential.

Jan 28, 2017

Brandon and Erica discuss the implications of a listener's question about the purpose of our human experience relative to the highest spiritual truths, like why we experience limitation if our essence is eternal and unlimited.

Jan 27, 2017

Brandon talks about a listener's account of struggle following a difficult decision and gives his perspective on regret, playing an Abraham-Hicks clip that contains a perspective not unlike his own, that regret is a virtually useless emotion.

Jan 26, 2017

Caroline Oxberry is a Reiki Master, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach based out of the UK. In this episode, Caroline and Brandon discuss the importance of self-love, a bit of synchronicity that led to having her on as a guest, and then she takes the listeners through a guided chakra balancing meditation for the second half of the show.

Jan 25, 2017

Brandon responds to a listener's question about exploring the past in search of answers for the present with a more expansive perspective, touching on reincarnation, past lives and an inspiring, uplifting perspectives on the illusory nature of this cosmic game we're all playing.

Jan 24, 2017

Brandon plays his conversation with "Willow", a podcast listener who contacted him to relate his intense but ultimately positive story of spontaneous Kundalini awakening, a still little-understood phenomenon that those in the consciousness-expanding movement are likely to experience.

Jan 21, 2017

Brandon is joined again by Nixie Marie on today's episode, and they talk about Nixie's upcoming podcast release, the unexpected passing of a dear friend of hers and how this prompted her to examine the nature of life and death. Together they offer their perspectives and inspirations for how we can all begin to live life more fully today.

Jan 20, 2017

Brandon responds to an anonymous comment on the Facebook group about trouble in a romantic relationship by discussing the many outdated, confused and repressed conventional understandings surrounding human sexuality, playing a noted TED talk by Christopher Ryan on the topic, and touching upon what it might be like to evolve further into what might be called "post-monogamy".

Jan 19, 2017

Justin Faerman is a coach, entrepreneur, and healer dedicated to evolving human consciousness. In this episode, hear the inspiring story of Justin’s own sudden personal transformation, which ultimately led to him founding the successful magazine, Conscious Lifestyle. He also shares deep insights discussing how we can better apply spirituality, by covering fascinating topics such as the “Art of Flowing”.

Jan 18, 2017

Brandon reads a listener's review/story of synchronicity and weaves it into themes of service, selflessness, light-heartedness and a larger cosmic perspective, continuing from the previous episode dealing with alternate realities.

Jan 17, 2017

Brandon brings up a less common subject, that of parallel or alternate realities, and discusses several related ideas such as the concept that reality is a rapid succession of frozen moments not unlike the frames of a motion picture.

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